WeberHaus to Feature Apple HomeKit in New Home Projects

WeberHaus to Feature Apple HomeKit in New Home Projects
Presseartikel vom 13.03.2017

WeberHaus, the pioneer in pre-fabricated connected homes, is excited to announce it will feature Apple HomeKit in its SmartHomes this year. WeberHaus offers since years an intelligent home control system in its homes with WeberLogic 2.0 and MyHomeControl app from BootUp. The system offers now a gateway for HomeKit and the Apple Home app, so that home owners can control everything in their home conveniently and securely using their iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, or with their voice using Siri. According to Apple, WeberHaus is the first European home manufacturer to add support for HomeKit.

"Apple HomeKit is the control solution of choice for home manufacturers around the world, delivering a simple and secure smart home solution for new home buyers," says Klaus-Dieter Schwendemann, marketing manager at WeberHaus. “We are excited to work with Apple to bring these turnkey smart home packages to home buyers this year.”

Apple HomeKit & Home App
Apple is the first company to integrate home control into a major operating system with HomeKit technology as the global standard for the smart home. Apple HomeKit is designed to offer a simple and secure way to control home accessories with iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. HomeKit brings interoperability between different brands and accessories throughout the home, a simple and secure setup experience, and ability to control your home even when you’re away.
With the Apple Home app you can set up and control each accessory in your home from one place and have all of them work together using scenes. The Home app is deeply integrated into iOS so you can quickly control your home with your voice using Siri, with a card in Control Center, and receive rich notifications such as when someone is at your door. With a home hub such as an Apple TV or iPad, you can control everything while you are away and automatically by time of day, your location, or sensor detection.

Control Everything
With the Apple Home app, and Siri, home owners can control main home systems like underfloor heating, blinds and the installed light system as well as additional HomeKit enabled accessories including light bulbs, smart plugs, radiator valves, sensors for measuring air quality and water leaks, and more. Many of the top brands in the smart home are already supporting HomeKit and many more are adding support this year. Home owners can add more devices over time and have them work seamlessly with the WeberHaus HomeKit packages.
WeberHaus homes featuring Apple HomeKit control will be available later this year. A demo home featuring Apple HomeKit, the PlusEnergy house generation 5.5, can be viewed at the exhibition “World of Living” at WeberHaus in Rheinau-Linx.


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